Drivin' With Nico Rosberg - France 2019

Majestic locations, beautiful roads, luxurious retreats, unique cars and the expertise of a F1 champion are the main ingredients that make this event an unprecedented experience. Luxury, heritage, craftsmanship and high quality are the pillars on which we build our image and strategy. We strongly believe that a key element that truly distinguishes us and this signature event is the ability to combine the world of classic cars with the future world of hybrid and electric cars, together with guidance from one of the best coaches in the world.

Drivin’ with Nico Rosberg took participants on an official Formula 1 circuit: the Paul Ricard. This is the only experience where they will get to drive exhilarating supercars on a racetrack together with a former F1 world champion, who will give a demonstration lap. Professional instructors will give directions before handing over the car keys.

A sense of competition and a mix of driving pleasure gracefully combined with delight at togetherness are the traits needed to be part of this experience. The distance on the regularity rally is around 250 kilometres, with participants facing average speed and time trials. The route we have planned is challenging, but we welcome newbies and seasoned regularity rally competitors alike. Driving through an exciting route on the roads of Provence, of the Côte d’Azur and of the Principality of Monaco, competing with a Formula 1 world champion: this is a lifetime, never to be forgotten, adventure.